Saturday, October 15, 2005

Give Me Just A Little More Time!

Hello, people!

I haven't got a lot of time to post right now because I have to hurry and get ready. Tonight, I'm going to go see Chairmen of the Board.
For those of you who don't know who they are, they're one of the greatest groups still around today. They're a beach music / oldies band and they're great!
They've even done songs with punk legend Joey Ramone before his death!

I spoke to a local DJ today and he said they were one of the greatest live bands he's ever seen so I'm pretty thrilled. He also told me to call back tomorrow afternoon and let him know how it was so... Yeah. I have a pathetic life so I like to think of it as me being interviewed, lol.

I hope to have some pictures and a review on my next post (perhaps some audio clips, too).

If you've never heard of them before, though, go download "Give Me Just A Little More Time". It's pretty short so it'll be a small file.

I'm off to go get ready now, though.

-=The Prynce


The_Sphinx said...

oh wow you are gonna post photos and reviews,i can't wait then maybe you can do our hurricane adventure and while we are on current events you can do one on the titanic.I saw the drifters ,platters and the coasters tonight it was a truely awesome show,oh by the way p did i tell you i brought a lap top.The colts are gonna lose monday,watch its gonna be like the saints or the week afterthe texans that stop the winning streak because stuff like that always happens,i can't stand it either.I love atlanta braves but once again they dropped the ball.I hope the panthers finally gel we have a good team here but my go almost losing to green bay and the cardinals god.Hey marlboro beat conway,i told all these peeps it would happen.Hey did you see about that guy inflorence who wants to stop white kids from wearing clothes with the confederate flag.Once again a supposed educated person,who dosen't know the civil war wasn't about slavery,he said it stood for white power and blah blah blah,if iwent to that school and the board banned it i would wrap myself in a confederate flag and go to school.

The_Sphinx said...

I have no clue why i said the saints,and i am not even sure if the texans are next,but either way watch what happens,it will be a sorry team that does it,I can't believe that the steelers lost,and carolina barely won by a thread.I am glad to see the patriots continue to fall apart.