Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"When I Saw The Shop For All The Skater Cunts, It Was Time To Leave"

As the title of this post dictates, I've got to get out of my town. We now have a shop for skaters and I'm about to find bitches and just start punching them.
I can tolerate everyone in my town from the rednecks to the thugs to the hillbillies, the wiggas, the pig fuckers, the Bible thumpers, the neo-Nazis, the Klansmen to the fuckin' coke fiends.

What I cannot tolerate is skater cunts. Back in high school, I dated a few girls who had a few friends who were skater cunts and they were always around me and talking to me and shit and I'll always just be screaming inside my own head "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!"
Most of them became skater cunts or girlfriends of skater cunts and a few of my guy friends became skater cunts (luckily none of my close friends). This isn't why I dislike the skater cunts, though.
I dislike skater cunts for who they are as individuals. They go around listening to their pop punk all day and claiming to be super Punk but you could be like "So think Sid killed that bitch?" and they'd be like "Who's Sid?"
Now if you don't know what I'm talking about, that's fine. As long as you don't claim to know shit about being punk or even listening to punk then you have no need to know what I'm talking about.

But they sit around listening to fucking Sum 41 and fucking Blink-182 (which isn't a totally horrible band, but they're nowhere near punk) and shit like that and then they just watch 'Viva La Bam' and jerk off. Then they all try to deny that their parents are richer than all hell and that they get anything they want if they whine like toddlers to them, only to try to act like they're 'cool' when their friends get around knowing that they're almost adults, but still up their mommy's ass.
I don't mind rich people. I have rich friends (a few of them anyways lol) and they're cool as shit.
What I don't like is fake people. Bitches who claim one thing while the other is so clearly reality. In other words, posers. Ya know... The same sort of people they claim to hate.

Just to sum up, I don't like skater cunts and if the slightest opportunity and a just cause came to light, I would beat the shit out of many of them.

Now I'm sure there are a few skaters out there who hang out with people as I described them above and aren't like them in reality. Hell, I can think of at least one right off hand. His name is Phillip and he used to (and probably still does) date a former 'close friend' of mine.
But most of 'em are cunts. And there's only one thing to do with cunts... Fuck 'em.

And with that, I'll leave you with a few meaningful words from a song by Pantera... "Be yourself by yourself. Stay away from me!"


-=The Prynce


The_Sphinx said...

Wow p a skate shop in dillon,i don't know what to say,no pagan shops,but we have a skate shop no taco bell but a skate shop no you see why i moved to the beach.it wasn't for the property taxes.

Matt said...

Sid. . .uh. . .Vicious? never saw the movie, but I know who he is. Skaters do suck too, yeah. Did you read that thing I posted on myspace about the scene kids. . .*cough* like Shannon. . .lol. That shit's pretty funny too.

Oh, and this Monday's going to suck for losers like us too because all the McMahons are going to be on RAW (including Stephanie's tits and Shane O'Mac), and then the Colts are playing on Monday Night Football. Speaking of football, did you fuckin see Rothlesberger's leg injury last week? That shit looked brutal. Later guy

Matt said...

wait, sid vicious was the guy from the sex pistols, but wasn't there some kind of movie or something about it? i thought there was. maybe not. .

carrie said...

hahahahha..all the skaters I know are fucking wiggers who smoke their toenails and steal peoples credit cards. yep, total cunts :p

hey! but I watch viva la bam and jerk off too..

The Prynce said...

Darrell -
And what's even worse is that the closest Pagan shop is in Nichols! 'Da Fuck, right?
I say we open one in Dillon. I know we've got Pagans here and the females are almost exclusively hotties.

And fuck Taco Bell. We need Sonic. We used to have one back in the day.

Matt -
Yeah. He was in the Sex Pistols. His girlfriend was murdered and he didn't know if he did it or not because he was drugged out to hell and back. Then he OD'ed before his trial.
No. I haven't read it but I think I will. lol.

Luckily, the Colts are only playing the Rams. Peyton could sit on the sidelines scratching his balls and they'd still win.
Stephanie is super hot with that hair color. She reminds me of this chick on Mythbusters. I never thought she was hot until recently and now it's like "Wanna mount it..." everytime I see her.

It blows that Rothlesberger's gonna be out this week but I'm not all that sure the Steelers are gonna miss him too badly. They have Bettis and Parker so they don't much need someone who can throw.
Speaking of Bettis, every time I see him I'm like "That's one big motherfucker!" Can't get over it.

But, yeah. It looked horrible. But they'd probably have to stay on the ground this week anyways because Ward's out, too. Luckily, they should both be back soon. w00t!

There was a movie about him and his bitch called "Sid and Nancy". I love Sid and the Sex Pistols but the movie kind of bored me. Ana loved it but I was like, "C'mon, now. Its DULL!" *cough*

See, you know who he is and you're not a poser-pop-punk-prick. They have no idea!

Carrie -
I wish the skaters around here were like that. I could tolerate toenail smokers.
These guys wouldn't steal credit cards, though. That could get them in trouble with their mommies and daddies. Plus, their parents are already rich.

Viva la Bam sucks. Wild Boyz is OK, but Bam is stupid.

I had a dream about you a few days ago. It was strange.
Shannon was on a PC in some public place and I was on the floor hiding from her or something I heard someone saying something about something strange and I was like "Is that Carrie?" and Shannon was like "No." 'cause she was a cunt even in my dreams.
But somehow I knew it was you and I was like "Hey. How's it?" and you were like "Cool..."
Then we like disappeared and we were somewhere else and you looked different and had a really fat back and face. Then we did Morning Glory and you told me it wouldn't work, but I told you it would if we took a few shots afterwards.

And that was my dream. I have no idea why that came into my mind or anything. Its one of the first dreams I've ever had about e-people.

-=The Prynce

carrie said...

well I havent seen the show in a few years but I always thought viva la bam was a lot funnier than wild boyz. I love steve o but don vito is fucking awesome :p bams kinda gay tho. what the fuck with the heart-o-gram thing and the awful music he promotes.

dude that was a nightmare! what the fuck is morning glory??

The Prynce said...

Wild Boys was funnier to me. Plus I dig animals.

Bam's WAY gay. And needless to say, great music isn't what comes to mind when I think of Bam.

It was a funny nightmare, then. lol.

Morning glories are flowers that grow on a vine. They open only in the morning and close up during the day and night.
They have seed pods that have about 5 in each and they're about every 3 inches or so on the vine.
The seeds of certain types of morning glory contain something that's chemically similar to LSD called LSA and it has similar side effects.

I've read a few ways to get the stuff out and all, but I've also read you can just eat the seeds (a few hundred of them but its easy to get that many) and drink some alcohol after and it extracts the stuff from the seeds and you get fucked up.

Next spring, go to the store and buy a few packets of seeds. They're probably about $.50 for a pack of about 20, so you can buy about $5 worth and get plenty fucked up.

I kinda thought you'd know about 'em. I laughed at you in my dream for not knowing 'cause I just thought you would.

-=The Prynce

Anonymous said...

hey all skaters arent posers i know a few, including phillip, who arent. mst of the ones who arent dont really listen to sum 41( quite frankly they suck ass) they listen to tool and modest mouse , steve via (SP?) so yeah.

Anonymous said...

hey all skaters arent posers i know a few, including phillip, who arent. mst of the ones who arent dont really listen to sum 41( quite frankly they suck ass) they listen to tool and modest mouse , steve via (SP?) so yeah.

The Prynce said...

Anonymous -
No shit. I sort of said they weren't all posers. But most of them are. C'mon. Read the post.

I'm not up to date with what is cool with skater cunts these days but I do know that last I checked, they were beginning to like bands such as Tool and Modest Mouse.

And the whole Modest Mouse thing would be fine (as is the Tool thing) but they only got into Modest Mouse because of their new shit which is terrible. 'Float On' made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. (Not seriously. It's an SNL reference. Some of you should get it. lol) The best Modest Mouse stuff dates back to the early 90's. IE; the 'This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Talk About' Album

Many posers I've known also like Radiohead which sort of blows 'cause Radiohead is a great band. I see Thom Yorke as today's Jim Morrison (artistically, anways).

Anywho, sit back, take a deep breath, relax, swallow a few grains of salt, and let me entertain you. I didn't mean to touch a nerve.
Who are you anyway? Do I know you?

"And I shout that you're all fakes, and you should have seen the look on your face. But I guess that's what it takes when compairing your belly aches."

-=The Prynce