Friday, November 25, 2005

Stupid Chalkies!

Hey people. How's it?

Well, tomorrow is a really big day for me. I'll be 21!

But I'm not as thrilled as most people would be or like others expect me to. It isn't even here yet and it's kind of already crumbling.

The plans were like this:

Shannon and I were going to go to the beach and hang out with Darrell and LJ. Later in the evening, we were going to go to the 'Crazy Horse'. Then, with luck, we were going to go on at least a small ghost hunt, time permitting. The next morning, we were going to go get wrestling tickets for the show in Conway on December 3.

Now it appears that much of this may not happen.

We're still going down there and all but its uncertain if we will be going to the 'Crazy Horse'. Darrell hasn't got any money. But locals get in free there so we're hoping he and LJ will be counted as locals as they live in the same county. If they're considered locals then we'll only have to pay one admission (we hope) because we found a printable coupon for one free admitance.

I don't know for sure, but the ghost hunt may be out, too. Darrell's car can't be driven b/c of tax issues or something and LJ's car isn't working. So they're going to have to drive some other car and hopefully, we'll be able to go on with our plans with the ghost hunt and the club, too so hopefully the car issue won't be much of an issue at all.

And Darrell isn't going to be able to get his ticket for the wrestling event. We're still going to get our's though, and hopefully he'll be able to get his the next Friday or he won't be able to go. Shannon assures me that we'll be able to go even if he doesn't so that's cool and a good thing.
Hopefully he can at least get seats near us, though. We hope to get ringside so maybe they won't be out of them before they sell out of them.
While I certainly hope he'll be able to make it to the show and I'll feel like a jerk if I go and he doesn't, I'm still not gonna be able to resist going, lol.

BTW, Jeff Hardy has been added to the list of wrestlers. And Mad Max (you should know him if you're local) is going to be the ring announcer.

So hopefully this birthday won't be a bust. I haven't had a good birthday in a really long time. My 18th was shit. I think I spent the night chatting online. This is my last landmark birthday before 30 so I'm hoping I can spend it having fun with a great friend. If not, its gonna suck 'cause Rian's not going with us and it'll be one of the worst birthdays ever.

Anywho, I'm going to try to post VIA my cell when I'm down there. Shannon and I are going to have about 6 hours or more of 'down time' just sitting around the hotel room so I should have plenty of time to audiopost. I'll get some pictures, too, and try to post them from Darrell's laptop if possible.

Yesterday was funky. I went to my uncle, aunt and cousin's house as always on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I almost didn't make it because of a horrid tummy ache. We got there late and all but it was fine. Thanksgiving is like the preseason of family get-togethers.

It was relatively uneventful, though. Rian played with my cousin's little boy. He tackeled him and the other kid's got two years on Rian. My wee man is a tough monster! Hehe...

Anywho, I gotta go for now. Later, all!

-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

hey darrell figured everything out so dont worry. he saved the day.


carrie said...

happy birthday!! I wasn't that excited for my 21st either. a friend kind of fucked everything up cos he was supposed to have driven and I had to make some extra last minute plans. it was total drama 8| in short, he stopped coming around cos he was a good friend of tapeworms who was interested in being more than friends with me. they had a falling out over it the day before my birthday. I sorta wrote a post about it last month. anyway.
it could have been much better but by the time we left the bars I was shitfaced and having an awesome time. I ended up buying beer at 7eleven and drinking the whole 6 mile walk back to my house.

honestly, it was one of my better birthdays! :p
I have notoriously shitty birthdays. the last time I actually had any sort of gathering for my birthday I was 16! and the last 2 have fallen on the same day as midterm exams and gone by almost completely unrecognized. but buying alcohol fucking ROCKS!! like seriously. I'm 24 and I'm still like 'whoa'. plus beer on tap is probably the most beautiful thing I've ever known.
OOOOOH.. in fact, when tapeworm wakes up I'm gonna let him know he's gonna take me out drinking for your birthday.

Matt said...

Happy Late Birthday, have fun @ wrestling. Oh, and Indy's 11-0 now. How great is that? Fuck the Steelers. lol Later dude