Friday, December 02, 2005

"Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?"

Hello, all.

So here's how the birthday went down.

When we got to the beach, we went to the Vancouver where we were going to stay. I went in and checked in which probably took all of 30 seconds because the staff knows me.
Anywho, we went and put all of our stuff in the room.

We left there and went to go get something to eat. We went all the way across town to some shitty restaurant that makes Shannon's stomach hurt and makes me pretty nauseous myself. Shannon reminded her mom that the place makes her stomach hurt and her mom flipped out, told Shannon that she hated her, that she was a worthless piece of shit, and that she was going to abandon us while Rian was with us and it was around 30/40 degrees outside.

Anywho, we went to Denny's in the end and I got a bitchin' sandwich and Rian got these yummy Teddy Grahams in apple sauce.

As we were leaving, her mom was beginning to realize how fucked and childish she was being and apologized so things were cool between them for the next week or so until it all happens again. (I'm not talking shit. I'm saying what I've seen in the past.)

Then we went to find LJ's house. We finally got there and Darrell met us outside and got the rest of the stuff that we didn't put in the room and took it in the house and met the family he's living with.
To put things mildly, there were many people, lol. They were all cool, though.
First we met Laura, LJ's mom. Then she introduced us to all of the smaller kids then the older people there.

I'm gonna try to remember all or as many of the adults there as I can. I'm not 100% on all of the relationships so I'll have to sorta guess.

-There was Mark. He's Laura's husband and LJ's step dad. He was cool. He looked like someone I've seen on TV or something. He was a pretty normal and cool guy.
-Then was Mark's mom. I think her name was Mary. She was pretty cool, too. She was on my team when we played Cranium. I had to take my pentagram off before we got there because apparently she's a big Christian and she didn't dig the whole Paganism thing and Darrell didn't want any conflict, nor did I. I was afraid she'd be a super-conservative but she didn't seem to be. I had to act out "JFK" in Cranium so I was sitting and waving and then I tapped a pencil on the back of my head and fell forward. My other teammate got it so we got points but I think it offended her. She and I spoke about JFK for a few minutes.
-My other teammate was Brian. He, too, was cool. He seemed like he was once in Cypress Hill but they kicked him out for smoking too much weed, lol. I'm not saying he smoked it... Just saying that was how I saw him.
-His wife (I think) was named Chrissy (I think). She reminded me of someone I know, I'm just not sure who. lol.
-Next as Janna. She seemed pretty cool. All I know for sure is that she was frickin' HOT! Holy crap, she was hot. lol. She and Shannon chatted on occasion through the night and she and I spoke a few times but I couldn't really get a feel for her personality. And before she says anything, Shannon, fuck off. You said she was cute, too!

Anywho, we played Cranium for a few hours and it was actually pretty fun. I'd never played, nor had one of my teammates, so we unofficially dubbed ourselves the 'Special Ed' team. We were way back in last at first but I think we finished in second or something.
Then we played Balderdash for a bit. We didn't finish the game because it takes a while and we had to go. But it was fun, too.
While we were playing games, Janna's sister (whose name I'm not totally sure of and I'm sure I couldn't spell it if I tried) was talking to me and asking me questions. She was probably about 8 or so. Shannon thinks she had a crush on me but I think she was acting like little girls act around new people, lol.

Before we left, Shannon wanted to whine to me outside about how I was saying bad things about her. That was bull in my eyes. I was just kidding with her earlier and you'd have thought I'd told her darkest of secrets.

So we left LJ's house after they figured out how to check the oil in the car they were driving. We then went to a service station so I could release some excess fluids and get more to refuel with.
Darrell and LJ were heavily disappointed to see that the Taco Bell in the store had closed.
I refueled with a huge banana slush. Fuckin' yum, bitches!
I think the clerk thought Shannon was a whore. It was about 2AM and she told me something like "You only have to four so hurry up" when I was getting my slushie and as we were leaving I was like "Thanks" and he was like "Yeah. Have fun."

At any rate, we headed for North Myrtle Beach to the Crazy Horse. We tried to get on the right road but the cops made us turn around as there was some sort of accident on the train tracks near there.
Finally we made it.
We got charged $5 for parking. But we went into the lobby and saw we had to pass through a metal detector so we ran back out to car and took all of the shit out. I had to take off my wallet b/c of the chain, take my camera out of my pocket, take out a pocket knife, and all sorts of other shit that I was afraid would set off the thingy.
But we got in and Darrell and LJ got in free for being locals. I got in with a free pass. Shannon had to pay $30 for not being 21. She also had to leave her ID up front and wear a pink 'Crazy Horse' shirt.
So we found a nice table near one of the runways and sat down. I fell in love with the matchbook right away.
But we watched the stripper on stage for a bit and Darrell said he was gonna buy me a drink but the bar closed at 2 and they only had draft beer and it was only American so I passed on it.

The stripper on stage was hot but nothing I'd go through much trouble to see. But then a nice black lady came out (and I don't say African-American because I don't know where the was from!) and she was fuckin' HOT! Lass had an ass and a little more.
We were just sitting there and out of nowhere, this blond stripper comes up to me and rubs her ass on me. I'm thinking "Hey that's nice." but I don't turn my chair or anything because I didn't have money for a private dance. But we spoke to her a bit and Shannon told her it was my birthday. We spoke a little more and she was like "Well... For your birthday..." and she spun me around in the chair with her leg. She proceeded to give me an incredible lapdance that would normally cost like $30 for free. It was AMAZING. I'm sure she's made many guy happy in her personal life by applying her dancing techniques. lol.
But after a while, the dance was over and she pulled up a chair to our table and we all chatted a bit. I can't remember her name but she said she was a regular there and she had been there drinking for over 10 hours. After a bit she said she had to go home so she left and we turned back to the stage.

We sat about watching the stage for a while longer and then they announced a new dancer, Roxanne. She was probably the hottest of the night. She was what The Commodores meant when they sand 'Brick House'. She was nearly perfect everywhere. You could tell she worked out.
Almost right off, Darrell and I went to the runway and waited to tip her. She eventually came over, popped her top open and proceeded to rub her 'dirty pillows' all over me and my face. It made me feel better about having facial hair because she sort of grabbed the hair on my chin with them and lifted my face towards her.
But the best thing about her was that she smelled great. I don't care how hot someone is, they have to smell nice. lol.

Anywho, she went over to Darrell and did similar things. Then she worked the other side. Sometime during all of this, another great looking black lady came over to us and asked it anyone wanted a dance. LJ seemed to like her so Darrell paid for her to give him a dance.
Soon after, the dancer came back to where we were and told me to stand up and did pretty much the same as before, though a little more. After a while, I'd given her all the singles I had so I went back to the table where Shannon was being lame. Darrell came back to the table after he'd given her all of his singles, too. LJ's dance was just finishing up around this time (that was a really long dance, folks, lol) and he looked pleased.
We all returned to our table and watched until the last song played. At that point, we got up and started walking out but Darrell went to the bathroom first. But after that, we left. They were gonna let Shannon keep the shirt she had to wear but she said she didn't want it so Darrell told me to get it as a souvenir.

We got in the car and left. From this point on, Darrell spoke of little more than the club. lol.
We were going down the road back to Myrtle Beach and my mouth was dry so I asked LJ to stop at a service station and he was like "What's that?". I didn't know gas stations weren't also called service stations elsewhere! lol.
Anywho, we went to one and I got something to drink and we went back to Myrtle Beach. We were almost back on the infamous Ocean Boulevard when we decided we'd do a quick ghost hunt at a place Darrell had read about online.

We headed to the place which was on Withers Swash Drive and we saw the park. Assuming that the cemetery (or 'burial ground' as we had been informed it was called) was somewhere near the park, we parked and got out. Shannon was being lame again so she sat on the bench against my protests as we went down a little path hidden by trees.
We got just a little into the path and we saw that it was the entrance to a little pier about 50 yards out into Withers Swash and it had a little gazebo over the water at the end of it. We wanted to hang out up there and possibly not even do a ghost hunt but we saw something down there. We soon found it was a homeless guy sleeping down there in a sleeping bag and we didn't want to bother him so we left. We checked out the rest of the park and found nothing so we got in the car.

We knew the road went a little after the park so we continued down. Then we found the cemetery we were looking for and rode around for a good parking spot and found none so we parked just outside of the gate.
We went in and I was explaining a few theories of why things happen in ghost hunting to LJ while Darrell wandered off using the camera on his phone and my tape recorder. Shannon was being pout by a tree.

It was a shockingly cool and creepy cemetery. We saw some cool stones and trees and things and we took a few pictures and things. We had a few small frights but they were found to be to our fault and not paranormal. LJ did get an interesting face on his camera phone, though. I'm hoping he can send it to himself so I can post it on here.

Then we went to the hotel and Darrell and LJ left to go home. Shannon and I went inside and went to bed shortly after. I got to bed at almost 7AM 'cause I had to get ready for bed and we didn't get there until like 5:30AM.

Anywho, I got up just a few hours later and took a shower. While getting ready, I watched the Panthers' game (and they won!) They were playing the Bill.
Shannon's mother got there a few hours later and we loaded up and went to Sonic. Then we went to Broadway Louis' to get wrestling tickets. That took ages because its at Broadway at the Beach and its a big and often busy place.

It did give me a chance to take pictures of the Hard Rock Cafe, though! (Bet most of you didn't know we had one in Myrtle Beach. lol. Its a big and popular town, though. We have a lot there.)

We had to battle a ton of gulls and other birds in leaving, but we finally got away.

After leaving there, Shannon's mother wanted to go to Wal-Mart Supercenter so we did and it was shite. I was so ready to get home to see Rian. He didn't come with them to pick us up.

After we finally left there we came home (or at least to Shannon's house). We went the really slow way so it took longer than it should have.

And that was the beach trip for my 21st birthday...

So tomorrow is the wrestling event. It's gonna be so fuckin' great.
Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes, Jeff Hardy, Tracy Brooks, BG James AKA 'Road Dogg' Jesse James, Kip James AKA 'Bad Ass' Billy Gunn, Psycho Sid Vicious, David Flair (Ric Flair's son), Doug Gilbert, the original Midnight Express, one of the guys from the original Rock 'n Roll Express, Doug Gilbert, Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine, 'Mouth of the South' Jimmy Hart, and more! The TNA star 'Abyss' was going to be there but I'm not sure about him at present.

I'll be posting about that ASAP. I hope its a great as the last indy show I went to. I hope to return with many digital pictures and a few rolls of film taken as well as some audio clips.

At any rate, it should be a fun night and I should have a great recap for you all. Be sure to check back in the coming days...

-=The Prynce


Shannon said...

Yeah my mother was being a bitch. Janna was really cute. She didnt look 20 either. She looked about 16 or 17. All those people were really sweet.

It was kinda funny that the dude and the store thought I was a whore.

As for Crazy Horse all those women were beautiful. That was very nice of the blonde stripper to give you that lap dance.

BTW I was not being fuckin lame or prouty my tummy was hurting bad and I was a little bored at the club.

Hope it was a nice birthday for you. It was a lot better then mine. No offense to anyone.


Katie said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my journal. I posted those lyrics pretty much for the same person you gave them to those years ago. I'm honestly so sick of being nice and caring. Lol I think I'll just be harsh from now on.