Friday, December 16, 2005

You'll Likely Think Me a Silly Bastard but...

I have something I need some help with...

Anyone who TRULY knows me knows that I have no bigger wish in my life than to help others. That's the reason that most people are organ donors.

See, I think it'd be great to donate my organs when I die (if we're not already past this technology or organ donations by that point as stem cells have the promise to likely have us if the government would just leave scientists alone on the issue) because that could be a really big help to someone. But I have a few reasons why I think I may not do it.

1) I want to be buried whole and without being embalmed (I'm undecided about being embalmed at this point, actually) so that my entire body can rot and return to the earth as nature intended. I don't want a burial vault. I want a very simple casket, also. Wood is a big MAYBE but I want something that will decompose in a timely fashion. I'm not entirely opposed to the $30 'vagrant' casket made of cardboard.

So in short, I want to rot ASAP. Is that just a romantic thought or what?

2) The thought of 'organ memory' and things freak me out. For those who don't know, it's basically a theory (based on certain cases) where it seems that the organs lend to strange thoughts, feelings, likings, etc. that were not there before the organ was received that often correlate to things that the donor felt, thought, liked, etc.
Another portion of this is the deal with DNA. When you put person A's heart into person B, the heart is in the body that contains the DNA of person B though the heart itself is made of cells with the DNA of person A.
So what happens here? Does one DNA override the other? Do they combine in some form?
And on top of all of that, what if someone gets like a finger or something from someone else and they're murdered and dumped somewhere for a long time and to get their DNA to identify the body, say they take DNA from a sample of skin from the finger. It would show that the person there was the donor though it isn't the case. It could be resolved easily of course, but it'd be funky.

There are a few other things, too. I'll get to them some other time if I feel they're big enough. But what I really want is to know what YOU think? Do any of you know something that I don't? Do you think I should be a donor?
I really want the opinion of you all. Even if we don't know each other, I'm sure you have to have an opinion on the matter. All comments and replies are welcome.

That's all for now but look for the post about my experience at the wrestling event ASAP. I'm presently working on it and have it 'drafted' on my Blogger posts. I'm having trouble with the images and I don't have much time, but I'll get it up ASAP.

-=The Prynce


The_Sphinx said...

Wow,i have often asked these same questions,.I mean the whole d.n.a. thing is weird enough,but the whole ok this guy got my heart he was a baptit minister republican conservative ,and the he gets my heart and becomes a pagan not really liberal democrat but open minded.Thats wild what about blood when i give blood does it change their dna,too.Its some eep stuff to ponder.Oh I don't want to be embalmed but i don't want to write,i want to be burned on a funeral pyre but thats just me.I say be a donor i am one cause i want to go after i am dead and if a piece of my dna or personaltiy survies i am still here lol i am immortal it will be donated and donated i shall live forever soryy just ranting.

The_Sphinx said...

Oh yeah that reminds me,another question only quasi related,do you think if you are cloned ,your clone does it have a sould does it share yours some how can you split a soul.Is it soulees,what will it be like with out a soul just something i have wondered.

Katie said...

In my opinion, I think that being an organ donor is great. I chose to be one because when I die, I will no longer need those organs, and therefore it would be in a way selfish of me to keep them when someone else out there needs them to live & continue on living their lives to the fullest while if I kept them, they would just rot away and it would waste perfectly good organs. Also, donating one of your organs would mean that you helped save a sickly child or adult..So yeah I say donate!!! =)But it's your choice so take your time to decide what's right for you ;-)