Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm From Hollywood, Mister Lawler!

I had a bitchin' weekend...

Friday I got up early to see a highschool football game (my alma mater had a game in my current city) and my hometown lost which sucks a little cock... And it wasn't even an interesting game or anything!
I'd consider it a loss of $6 but this rather cute girl named Mona like called me over and gave me her number. I have tried calling only once but she wasn't there. She seems like a cool person, though.

Then work was kinda great that night, too.

Also on Friday, I met another bitchin' girl named Marcie. She's from Gastonia, NC and though I didn't spend much time with her, the time we did spend together was AMAZING. But if you want more on that you'll have to ask me privately and... ya know... Its likely I won't answer you, lol.

So I find myself back at work this morning... Getting off in just over an hour... The night went by very fast considering I'm coming off of my two days off.

My days off were wholly uneventful. I found myself drinking a good deal of Guinness.
My last night off was pretty cool, though. I got up a bit early and Darrell, Kenny and myself went to All Saint's Church in Pawleys Island to show Kenny Alice's grave. Its only my second visit but those of you who know me well know that I've wanted to go there for almost my entire life and it's like the holy grail of ghostly things across the board in South Carolina...

Then I got home and watched ECW which was pretty cool I guess. After that, though, I went to hang out with Darrell at work for a bit.

Then I got home and had a very large cup of straight vodka and topped it off with a splash of cherry syrup (sort of like grenadine) to make it a bit more drinkable...
It was the first hard liquor I'd had in some time (plus it was a pretty large amount of it) so I was soon after drunk. I CERTAINLY needed that... Apart from Friday, I haven't been doing too well lately.
But I was already tired and ended up falling asleep... Only to wake up a few hours later still pretty drunk.

I love (most) of the people I work with. And the ones I don't just absolutely love, I still like (those are also the ones I just don't know very well too, though).

Andy Kaufman may have been God.

Well, I get off work soon and I have a few things to take care of so keep an eye out for another post soon, bitches.

-=The Prynce

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