Friday, October 13, 2006

Panky... Minus the Hanky

After a brief discussion with Darrell just a few minutes ago, we both realized that we know way too much about 'Saved By the Bell' to be healthy.

I'm tired and no one is shocked.

Last Monday night didn't go at all as I said was planned but it was cool still.
Carissa and I went and saw 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning' and it wasn't too bad. It was better than the first remake but the original is still the best.
Then we met Brenna (my boss) and Darrell at Island Sports Bar which I think is technically in Murrells Inlet and it sucked a little cock. Ok so it wasn't terrible but it wasn't that great either. I had a nice glass of Yuengling before we left but we left before kick-off even.
Then we went to Spencerz in Surfside and it was much better. The food was good and after an additional and large amount of more Yuengling, I was feeling pretty nice. Carissa and I shared a couple of pitchers and Brenna took care of some light American beer by herself (I know Yuengling is American but it doesn't taste like it, lol)
The game was incredibly boring and we all left at or just after half-time... Darrell was the only fully sober one.
Brenna fuckin' killed me when she was drunk. She's loud and funny.
So when we were leaving Carissa wanted me to go stay at her place but I had to do laundry (which I ended up not doing) so we went back to my apartment and hung out and stuff...

But apart from that my week has been all together uneventful.

As I sit here presently and think about it, I can only think of one good source for news on the Internet...
That's The Onion.
Even if you don't give a damn about news, current events, etc. you will be pleased if you check out that site. Trust me.

Once again, just as I'm finding myself getting in a writing rhythm (or something somewhat similar) I have to get ready to change shifts so... Check back later. One day I'll post something that matters.

-=The Prynce

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Anonymous said...

so funny i was reading this today, again, and it just registered that night was the first time we uh...well you know. friday the 13th, how crazy is that? i was thinking about that the other day and couldn't quite pin point the exact day. but now i know. lol. still, weird though. friday the 13th always weirds me out a bit. now i know why ;)