Sunday, October 08, 2006

Patrick Duffy is his other leg...

I'm sitting here at work in the middle (or actually the end) of the fall Harley rally and its incredibly calm. I mean, it just started raining and lightning and shit but before that, even, this end of the beach was dead. Which isn't all that bad, really.

So for now I'm sitting here watching 'Saving Private Ryan' and not being interrupted which is a bit of tits.

Today was another day... Nothing too special I guess. I got off of work this morning and didn't have to walk, bike, or call a cab 'cause earlier in the night, a drunken Carissa didn't think it safe to drive home so she just crashed at my apartment and in the morning she gave me a ride home so that was kinda bitchin'.

Speaking of Carissa, I recently had someone tell me it was 'disgusting' that I, being only 21 (about a month shy of 22) was hanging out with a woman that was 26 (and is only a few months into her 26th year). Apparently she thinks its creepy that a woman would be into a younger guy
People can have their opinions... That's fine. But the person in question is an 18 year old girl dating a 31 year old guy. That's nearly pedophilia and I get flamed for HANGING OUT with someone under 5 years my senior?
People are stupid.

But anywho, I'm kinda anxious about Monday. Its so close and its my first day off in a series of two and it seems like I was just off. Not sure what I'm gonna be doing that day, though. Odds are I'll get to bed early, get ready early, go to a movie or something with Carissa, hang out with my son (though its unlikely we'd take him to a movie, lol) then when he goes home I'll likely get a wee bit drunk with Miss C and watch as much of Raw's Homecoming special as possible and then do my laundry in the super early morning hours. Sort of simple but it should be a good day.

As for tomorrow though I'll just be going to bed soon after I get off of work and get up around 1 to watch the Panthers hopefully smash the Browns and I'm undecided on if I'm gonna stay up to see the Cowboys at the Eagles. It could be a bitch for me. See, I hate the Cowboys and I'm not fond of Bill Parcels but I love T.O. And on top of that, I'm an Eagles fan and I love Donavon McNabb. But maybe I'll catch at least a bit of it.

K I kinda feel like a dick right now. I haven't eaten tonight so I went in back to pop some popcorn and as I was sitting here typing I hear something like a crackling sound and I'm like "What the fuck?" Then I think maybe there was a power surge on the phone system or something and I'm about to freak the fuck out to find out what was going on only to remember I was popping fucking popcorn.
Not a very entertaining story, I'm sure... But bite me.

Anywho, I kinda forgot what I was intending to blog about so I'm gonna shut up and fuck off now. I gotta eat my popcorn and drink my dee-licious grape Faygo and watch 'Saving Private Ryan'.

I may post again tonight if I get bored enough and/or think of what I wanted to post about originally.

-=The Prynce


Mama Mia said...

Cowboys suck.
Eagles and Panthers kick ass.
My family is from Philly so I gotta "represent"

I used to drink faygo religously.

Comming home to drunk friends insures great times lol.

Anonymous said...

this blog is boring.

The Prynce said...

Well Ms. Anonymouse Page, that is partially why when the GUI (graphical user interface to dumb it down for you) was created so many years ago, someone thought to put that bleeding little "x" up top so you could click your happy little/less-than-little ass away from the page.

But clearly you're either enjoying it or psychotically stalking so... Yeah.

-=The Prynce

Mama Mia said...

I didnt know you were in the clergy for SC

Hehe, bloody little X.

Shannon said...

Hey stupid ass, what the hell are you talking about? I didnt post the anonymous message. I sign in when I post a comment.

I'll post a comment for you sense you are saying I did. The comment is...

Grow Up!

The Prynce said...

Marcie - Yep. I'm an ordained minister under two churches, actually. I need to update that listing a bit, though.

What's with the bloody little X bit? You lost me there, SweeToe... lol.

Shannon - Me grow up? Bitch, please... Reminds me of a little parable about a pot and a kettle...

And across the board and for the record, I log all IPs of people who visit my blog so I kinda know who goes there...

-=The Prynce

Shannon said...

Aww I love you, Cunt.

Anonymous said...

so this is kinda fun going back and re-reading this shite after the fact. and for the record..."a drunken carissa" wasn't always THAT drunk. i've driven home in worse conditions then that! lol. i just wanted an excuse to see you in the morning too;) thought you would've figured that one out sweetheart! lol