Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Yeah so... Moving sucks. There's no way around it. It sucks.

But in the end, its for the best. I must get out of my current residence. Apparently they want to get rid of the mold that infests that place but... C'mon. That wouldn't work at all. That would require a total renovation of the entire place. They'd have to redo all interiors and somehow destroy the mold in the walls. Its impossible.

But its kinda what my three days off are going to be made of, it seems. Due to a freakish scheduling accident, my days off for next week come just after my last day off from this week so I get the coveted three days off. Joy.
Actually it is a good thing... I'm hoping I will have time to do something fun and get totally moved out by the end of those days off so that I can do something... Anything. lol.

Soo... Uhhh... I really don't know where to take this post. I mean, I have some free time but I've got nothing to say. All that comes to mind is that I'm sooo ready to get the hell out of my apartment but I think I've pretty much covered that... lol.

This city is stupid.
People with pull are trying to make it more of a resort town like Orlando than a nice but large family beach... It won't work.
Crackheads, crime, and prostitutes are the only things that are increasing here in significant numbers- Not revenue. Its becoming a very dangerous place to live and to visit. The crime rate of Myrtle Beach is higher than that of New York City... That's kinda terrible.

But that's about all I can come up with this morning so... Deal. And shut up.

-=The Prynce

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~*~carissa~*~ said...

ok so i don't like this whole comment page, it keeps f*cking up on me. anyhow, as i was saying...i don't think that moving was all that horrible do you? i mean, seeing how you had a ton of misc. stuff and nothing was packed and all. i really thought it would be a never-ending process. i'm glad you're outta there though, i really didn't like having to go see you over there. it was scary-like:( yay for you living with darrell now!