Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quick Hits, F00z

Time for a quick post with random and flowing thoughts...

Ok... Colts are gonna win the Super Bowl. If they don't, its blasphemy. The Bears are lame. They have a shite quarterback. Brian Urlacher is a cock-sucking asshole.
Manning deserves this win and if there's a higher power of any sort, he'll get it. And if that power loves me, the win will come with the play Darrell and I 'rehearsed' in Dollar General... Made the Immaculate Reception look like it was thrown by... I dunno... Rex Grossman.

I got a nice assortment of liquors today. Hooray for me, yeah? And I got high quality, name-brand shit. Crazy.

So, I'm moving out of my apartment. The place is infested with mold and I've pretty much had my fill of being constantly sick, the place smelling horrible, and everything being untouchable due to mold. Not to mention, its a shite place for the amount I'm paying. Given utilities are included but... No.
I'm moving into an actual house with Darrell and his girlfriend. Its a nice place and for now, it will make things easier on them and me finacially for me to live with them. I do intend on it being temporary but it'll do fine for now.
My only issues are sharing a bathroom (which is doable) and the fact that its a former military house on the old Air Force base. Go only knows the horrors some angry airman inflicted upon his family in the years since that house has stood.

But those things are out-weighed by all of the positives. And the positives are many.

Doing the actual move is gonna suck. I'm gonna have to pack when I can and move when I'm able. I'm hoping to be totally out of my apartment by next weekend though which I think is doable.

So all-in-all I see my life as improving. Change can make me a bit worrisome and edgy at times but that's the case with most people, eh?

Anywho, time is running low so I gotta jet. Be cool, folks!

-=The Prynce

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~*~carissa~*~ said...

so your life is ABSOLUTELY improving! i mean, you should write about your new car too! you're outta the motel, have a car, you're getting your liscense (finally:) ) and you get to hang out with me. i mean, what more could you possibly ask for in life? lol. and everclear! you got to go see far as i see it, you have it all covered with the exception of course of not getting to see rian as much as you would hope to. which can change too....:) i'm glad i've gotten to help you out with some of this! it makes me happy