Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why Rob was the hippo...

Let me explain my previous post.

My ex girlfriend Christy is an incredibly beautiful young woman in all ways.
She called me as I was waking from my six pill induced sleep (I've had a lot on my mind lately so I needed help) on Saturday and was essentially informing me she'd be in Myrtle Beach and she'd be able to return my video capture card.
She asked where I was at so she could bring it by but I didn't want to get her lost trying to find my house (and also I don't like seeing her lately for some reason. As I explained to Carissa, its like seeing the corpse of a loved one as she doesn't act like the same person she used to be, though its clear to me that inside, she is) so I told her to drop it off where I work.
I thought she knew I work at Viking and where it was (I told her last time she was in town and called me) but apparently she thought I was still at our sister hotel so she went there to drop it off for me.
Rob was working there on second (and third) shift because someone called in sick and he's told me a few times that he thought Christy was hot.
I really thought nothing of it until I got here and Darrell came and brought my card to me (he went to the other hotel for a minute first).

As he walked in, he was snickering slightly and immediatly began telling me that as he went in up there Rob was like "Dude Preston's ex Christy is smokin' hot!" to which Darrell agreed (I think) as he met her when she came to visit me back in December.
The topic changed after a few minutes and the phone rang. He said "Bet that's Rob" and I was like "Yep" and started laughing, knowing it was him and what he was gonna say.
I probably had a bit of a chuckle in my voice as I picked up and he was like "What?... You know what I'm gonna say?" and I was like "Uhh... Is it about Christy?" and he was like "Hell yeah. She's smokin', dude."
He went on to explain how hot he thought she was and just how incredible she looked. He covered their short exchange and how she recalled him from our videos.

Anywho, I got the idea when Rob called as Darrell was leaving here and had him tell Rob was I was down because Christy really dug him and was asking about him. As he told him, he held the phone out and I could hear that Rob laugh in process.
We built it on more and more including one bogus compliment after another for about fifteen minutes.
I have to say that Rob did say a few times that he didn't believe us, but his reaction was saying he had some amount of doubt in it being a hoax.

Regardless, we continued on for a while and we decided to let him down by saying she said it was the guy with the scar on his lip (the other guy working that night, Travis, has a notable scar as such) so Darrell asked "She said it was the one with the scar on his lip... You've got a scar on your lip right?" to which he said he did but it was very small and only noticable when he smiles and he was shocked she'd noticed.
Revelation plan number was was a failure.

Darrell left and I decided to post a blog (the one previous to this one) to Rob stating it was a joke. Rob called me in a few minutes and asked how I felt about the whole thing and I told him I'd posted a blog explaining and he could just read that. As I was telling him, someone came in and he had to go. About twenty minutes later I noticed he'd commented and shite. And just a few after that even, he called once more opening with "Dude I knew you two were kidding." which may or may not be true... I dunno...

Anywho, that's the explanation for those who don't get the previous post and for posterity so... Ya.

-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

oh poor rob. you guys are so mean to him. it's hilarious really...but don't tell him i said

:: nat ::

Rob said...

Okay NAT. I do read these things. So The purple wouldn't need to tell me. I find it rather flatering that he is willing to write so many posts about me. This one is not the first. :P

The Prynce said...

Rob - The Purple? Is that me? lol.

And you will likely continue to be the subject of some of my posts of the non-stop silliness that spills outta your face continues.

-=The Prynce

jessi said...
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jessi said...

You guys do pick on rob an awful lot...poor ferret lol

And christy is really pretty