Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lady M Sings the Blues

I'm going to start with mentioning a nice young lass that I really think the world of. I haven't seen her in what seems to be nearly forever, but she's a great person and we recently had a conversation that I found pretty insightful. I kinda understand her a bit more.
Anywho, I'm talking about my great friend Marcie. Some of you know her or know of her and some of you don't. Its no matter, really.

Yeah so the other day I went to Legends in Concert and I have to say it was fuckin' cool. They had Bobby Darin, Johnny Cash, The Blues Brothers, Tina Turner and Elvis. The last two weren't really impressive but the first three were excellent.

The Blues Brothers were fuckin' awesome. And the highlight of the night was Darrell and I getting a picture with them after the show after buying sunglasses and hats from the gift shop. 'Twas awesome.
I even got a giggle out of 'Elwood' when I noted that my shades actually looked a lot more like Roy Orbison's shades than the Blues Brothers.

Why the hell do people wear turtlenecks?

It is now the Spring Harley-Davidson Rally here in Myrtle Beach and though it has only just started, I'm already sick of it. It fucking caused me to waste an hour earlier in the day due to a parade that apparently no one knew about on Ocean Blvd... FUCK!
And apparently Farrow Parkway AKA the local secret to avoiding much traffic this time of year is now being openly being spread as a route bikers should be taking and congesting... Its my only route to work and now it'll be backed up.

Also, the national deficit is nearly 9 trillion dollars... and Rob is angry. Just see his latest blog post.

I recently saw my friend Mallory for the first time in forever! It was great to see her although she wasn't happy as I'm so used to her being. That sorta sucked... =(

Anywho, I'm a busy bitch so I'm outta this motha. I'll try to get back to my more entertaining post style from my previous years as opposed to my more matter-of-fact method as of late.

Be cool, bitches!

-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

so it's about time you posted something about this show! it was great fun. i'm glad you and marcie's always good learning more about another person and gaining furthur insight on them. she seems pretty nice from what you've mentioned thus far. And Lady M wasn't all that sad as much as she was tired I think. We're working on that...I think she'll be good in time. Always in time...I think we're both depressed about having to come up with another 200 a piece next month for rent. lol. that'll bring a tear to anyone's eye.

Anonymous said...

and p.s.

an hour is never wasted when you the end result is getting to see me;)


but thanks for waiting. that was sorta "tits"

Marcie said...


Marcie said...

silly boy.
I love the pic