Friday, August 03, 2007

Dump Duh Dun Da (My Version of the Cosby Show Theme)

Alice Cooper is coming to the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. I'm jacked.
I thought I was gonna have to heavily convince someone to go with me by telling them he was Marilyn Manson 25 years before Marilyn Manson... Its true, but I don't know that it would really be what they expected.
I'd told my friend Carissa about it (she'll be out of town during that time) and somehow it was then transferred to Rob who is shockingly enough, not only willing to go but actually WANTING to go.

Anywho, I hope I can make that show so... Ja. It'd be cool.

I think my car's battery is dying. If I listen to a song with any bass or exceptionally loud parts, my panel lights fade. Bah.

A friend of mine is having sort of a difficult time emotionally lately. Any positive vibes that can be spared, hurl 'em at us, alright?

That bridge shit is crazy.

Myrtle Beach is over-run with hot Europeans/Russians on bicycles. Its somewhat maddening. And they all seem to be attracted to mad ugly American guys.
It just kind of pisses me off because I'm plenty ugly. The only thing is I have good oral hygiene. All the girls do, too... But these American goobers they go for are lucky to have 8 in their head. And those are rarely a natural color.

My son Rian has silver caps on his two front teeth now. Adorable as he is, it looks trashy. I have no idea why his mom thought it was a good idea. He also had to get a filling towards the front of his mouth. He got to choose the color and chose blue... It looks like he's been eating candy or something. Its a bit goofy and I don't mind so much but those fucking silver teeth... UGH! Luckily, he may start losing teeth in about two years. My parents are gonna look at me in such a way that it burns a hole in his mother when they see those tacky things... Honestly. You'd think it was 1989.

The 24 ounce Monster energy drink is tits. Two of 'em a night with Vault in between have managed to keep me up at work.

Rescue Me is still such a great show. I bought season 1 on DVD and now Carissa's diggin' it too. You've just got to watch it...

Eh, so I'm running low on time and can't post about the wrestling show and the people I met so if I decide to post again soon (and I really will try) then you can see about that then.


-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

k so first off...fuck you for being able to go see alice cooper. although me being out of town will most definitely be way better than that show, i still wanted to go.
secondly, yes, you were in fact correct with the whole rescue me shite. i love it. and we must rent the entire series from blockbuster once sam remembers to start talking to me again. lol. and you are not ugly. i don't hang around with ugly people.(well, maybe sometimes when i'm drunk) but i do not base how i feel about you solely on your good looks...although it doesn't hurt. especially when you're being an ass. i think to myself...hmm well at least he's a cute xoxo

Anonymous said...

p.s. yes, the caps on his teeth are not very pleasant looking but thankfully they will fall out one day. now all we need to do is hope that she is not retarded enough to put them BACK on if he has any more issues with his permanent teeth...i think she really has no sense sometimes...ugh. and to think you impregnated

Anonymous said...

Lets see. You are the last fucking one that needs to call someone retarded. Just for your information they dentist had to put then on so his fucking teeth would not rott out of his head. So you and your stupid ass friend need to kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

lol. she's funny. and can't spell. but that's ok. and it's amazing to me that the dentist "had to put them on him so his teeth wouldn't rot out of his head"...i think there is this thing called a toothbrush. and toothpaste. KID toothpaste, in fact. and a little less candy wouldn't hurt either. poor kid. i feel so bad for him sometimes....

Anonymous said...

Speaking of feeling bad for someone I feel so sorry for Preaton.

For your info fat ass he does brush his teeth every day. You dont have to worry Rian wont ever be around you again.

OMFG!! I make a typo. OMG kill me I spelled one word wrong. Is that the best you can come up with bitch? Come up with something better, please.

Its kinda funny that you would call me a kid. Hmm let's see, "How much younger is Preston then you?" Whats wrong you cant find a guy your age? They have to be younger then you. Thats sad. I'm so sorry for you.

With love.

Anonymous said...

BTW bitch sense you look for mistakes in typing because thats all you can use. I left you one in the last post. lol Poor little girl.