Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Special! $2.99!

Rob uses his hands for disgusting things when he has no options.

Alright so maybe that's non-wrestling kayfabe but you can always go fuck yourself.
Also it just hit me that its virtually impossible to get just what we were going for there...

I met Gallagher and Bridget the Midget recently.

Bridget freaked me out a bit because she was kinda hot... And she's a midget. She had a really nice body, the only thing was that SHE'S A MIDGET!
Anyway, she sat on my lap for a picture which was cool. She crawled across the table to take a shot with Darrell and Scott nearly cried. His eyes were HUGE as he slowly pulled back his cup.
She was cool though. We talked to her as we were leaving (she was hanging out outside). She read my shirt that says something along the lines of "Join the Marines. Travel to strange and exotic lands. Meet unique and interesting people... ...And Kill Them."
I think she over-looked the 'Join the Marines' part and she told me about her friend who was in prison for murder. She said he was a little person also. I'm like... Okay... I think she said it was because they spilled his drink or something... I don't know... We were walking away at that point.
Interesting note is that there was a hearse behind that strip club... Not sure how I feel about that one.

Gallagher was mad funny, though. I've been a huge fan for ages now.
There were no real personal moments with him really. He was nice to everyone but you could tell he was hardened to it all and would like to be taken seriously on some of his ideas (and they're good ideas, really!).
It was still tits though.
I had only heard about 3-4 of the bits he did that night before. And he worked the place for over 2 hours. Its really impressive. And he's getting away from props which was good. I'm probably one of very few people there who was Okay with the lack of Sledge-O-Matic.

I just saw another set of comedians at the same place (Comedy Cabana) this past Saturday. The headliner was 'Spanky' who may have been funnier than Gallagher. I honestly laughed until my throat hurt (which I did not know was possible).

We got cable Monday. Ha!

My car doors are fucked up. Its apparently a problem with that model of car... I can't open the doors from the outside. I ghetto-rigged an electric cord around the door handle and now its popping out of the back of the door. Its in such a way that I can still pull it which pulls the handle, opening the door. Luckily, my doors do not open from the inside if the doors are locked so its not TOO insecure.
Its fun.

I found some cool shit on Google that allows you to control and view security cameras from around the world (Italy, France, Japan, US, etc.) and its greatness...
If you want to know about it then ask. I'll likely post the method sometime regardless. But if you can't wait, ask.

Rob and I came up for an awesome movie last night. We hope to film it this weekend and to get it online within the month. Its tentatively called 'Penny Kid' but that'll likely change soon.

I want chicken. I want liver. Meow Mix-- Meow Mix, Please deliver.


-=The Prynce


Katie said...

Haha you met Bridget the Midget! That's pretty kick ass if I may say so myself =P I'd love to meet her someday..

Anonymous said...

you use YOUR hands for disgusting things when you have no option too but we won't go there ;) i haven't commented yet on this blog amongst others and seeing how i'm bored to tears at work i decided to go back and read through some of these...i really loved gallagher. and i can't wait for emo. even though i said i didn't care about going. lol. i want to go. that will be a great show.

it sorta freaks me out that you thought bridget was hot. and that she has a nice body. i don't quite get your way of thinking most days...but it is what it is, and i must love all aspects of you. lol.

you can now focus on getting your ghetto car handles fixed..and while you're at it, you can also put my hubcap back on my tire so my car doesn't look all ghetto as well. k? sound good? thought so:)

p.s. that picture of you and gallagher is totally hot and you should put it on myspace.

love you

jessi said...

Bridget was fucking cool. i cant believe you are just now posting about it though.... she did have a pretty rockin body huh...i just noticed though...your beer bottle is as long as her leg. lmao scotts face was priceless and so was rob's when you showed him the picture (hahahaha midget boobs). and poor rob...being interrogated leaving the bathroom...