Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Fight with Jazzzzz!

Whoa! So its been a while, huh?

A lot's been going down and I don't know where to begin so I'll just throw out random thoughts.

I'm starting to question myself. I'm not a fan of John Cena but I'm starting to respect him. He does every WWE house show (it seems), does tons of publicity, and HAS talent. My only thing is his character was stale a few years ago.
He's a great performer, though. When you see him in a WWE ring, it doesn't seem to be the case but I've seen footage of him training to get into the business (in the same class as Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and Kaz!) and he was the star of the class by far!
My point is, crap on him for his character and crap on WWE for the skills he doesn't show. But know that he does have talent hidden under all the bullshit.

I've been doing a lot of blue crab fishing lately. Its pretty fun, though I've yet to find a good spot for it that'll net a lot of crab for me. Its actually an incredibly cheap hobby, too. The only thing I've spent a lot of money on is gas.

I went to see The Kottonmouth Kings again a few days ago. I didn't get to see too much of them because there was at least a 20-25 minute break between each of the 4 bands to play. Dirtball was good. Insolence was also good. The Expendables sucked. The singer ruined the band and it is unfortunate.

Speaking of concerts, I have tickets to see Modest Mouse in a few weeks! I have a fear that it could be pretty bad, though. I don't really like their newer stuff and they seem to be going in such a direction that's the exact opposite of what I like from them. I'll hope for the best, though.

Was I the only one who was absolutely stunned to find out about Tim Russert's death? I went in to work for second shift and was astounded to see the news!

I'm exhausted. I haven't had more than about 5 hours of sleep in over a week. And most of the sleep I have got was disrupted by one thing or another. It isn't fun. But today I intend to go hang out with my son when I get off of work. I'll keep him for a few hours (although I'm currently so tired I may just stop in for a bit and actually pick him up tomorrow instead). After that I intend to sleep until at least 7PM but we'll see. Its Wednesday so 'GhostHunters' will be on all day and I'm likely to get up and watch it. That should be fine, though, as I seriously do not intend to do shit all night tonight.

I REALLY want to see 'The Dark Knight'!

I may have a new job. Its better money in what I'm hoping is a better environment but its always a gamble. If they're willing to give me Sundays off, though, I'm there. For 15% more money and the ability to pursue my dream, I'd be willing to go through the needed adjustment.

Anywho, I need to get going to email someone about the aforementioned job so, later folks!

-=The Prynce

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~*asha*~ said...

I am a very lucky girl to be able to share in just about every one of those experiences you've just blogged about. I've really expanded my horizons (I think?) since we've met and I just wanted you to know that I've really enjoyed trying these new things with you.
I hope there are more to come! And I hope we catch enough damn crabs to cook sometime! GEEZ
Love you.