Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Damn them Doobies and they Chinese Grove...

I'm so tired right now. That's almost exclusively my reason for posting.

I'm actually sipping coffee as I write this post. While I normally take in a fair amount of caffiene in any one day, I can't recall the last time I had a cup of coffee. I think I had a cup back in April... I dunno.

So as I'm sitting here, I get off of work at 7AM only to have to come back at 4PM. That'd be bad under normal circumstances but I've lost so much sleep in the last two days that I'm afraid I'll pass out at some point. I went fishing the past two mornings which ended up getting me less than or right aroun 5 hours of sleep each night. If I'd be sleeping well the past week or so that'd be fine but my schedule hasn't allowed it.

Ok so that's enough about my sleeplessness...

Someone asked me today if I'd played some drinking game before... Drinking games. How fucking stupid are they?
For one, I'm not a big drinker. My life isn't fantastic but I think you have to be a very shallow person to drink regularly. I feel awesome when I'm drunk, but I'm not myself then. In some ways I'm more like I'd rather be, but the fact is that I'd rather be my faulted self.
Secondly, if you want to drink then drink. If you want to get drunk then get drunk. Why BS around with it? The only purpose of them is to get drunk. Do people play drinking games because they don't know how to pace their alcohol intake? Or is it just to force themselves into being more social and making themselves seem less miserable with their lives by pretending to not want to get smashed and escape their misery?
I fully believe that if you're drunk more than once a month then you're trying to escape something in reality that you're not too fond of. I'm basing this on my feelings during my deepest depressive periods and from what people have confided in me. I do not believe for a second that people are 'just being young and crazy' or any of that. Its bullshit.

I'm watching the 'Chalkie Trouble' episode of "The Squidbillies"... Funny shit.

My co-worker earlier tonight had a toothache. She decided at some point to do a version of the old crushed asprin right on the tooth remedy, only she decided to use Alieve. All of this was unknown to me until I hear what sounds like painful gagging and possible vomitting from the back. It turns out that there's something in Alieve that causes intense pain for some reason when crushed and applied to an area in the mouth. For like the next hour she was trying to get the feeling out of her mouth while it sounded as though she was hacking up a lung.
So... Think about that next time you take an Alieve. Something in those things hurt her mouth badly. Kind of makes you wonder what it does to your stomach!

Alright, I'm starting to drag ass mentally worse than before so I should just stop while I'm less far behind (though in no way ahead!).

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    Be good.

    -=The Prynce

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