Monday, July 28, 2008

No Time For Love, Dr. Prynce

I went to see when I posted my last blog post just out of curiosity and I realized how many posts I've started and never finished. One day there's gonna be a huge post comprised of all of the blog posts that never got published. That'll mean that it will be an ungodly length (even compared to my other posts) and the entire world will hate me all at once.

I've gotta start getting back to my old style of blogging. I like it better. I dunno what the difference is, but my older posts are better. Now they're too... Bloggy. Too mater of fact. I don't think I like it.

I ordered 250 'free' business cards online earlier. I don't have a business. In no way do I need business cards. But for like $5 for shipping, I hopped on those bitches like they were immune to disease.

I don't like work. I like to work but that's where it ends. Most of the good people and the people I considered friends are gone. There's some good people still here, but they're less and less all the time so it makes all the bullshit from the 'uppers' less manageable.

Ginger ale. Delicious.

I met Kurt Angle and Rhino a couple of days ago. Pictures are coming soon, fa-sho.

All of my paragraphs on my blog posts start with "I" and I don't like it. Bleh.

So I didn't really have time to blog right now so its silly that I chose to do it.

But what-ever, bitches. Fuck you anyways.

-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

What's your title from? Is it a reference to something? I'm wondering..I never know what you're talking about! Is that bad?

Anyway. See, I read your shit. You need to post more frequently so I start checking on a regular basis! And can you email those pics please that you stole from my camera? I can't steal them directly from your myspace bc it's the stupid proxy.

But I digress...

Back to your post. It was too short. And you're right about everyone leaving. Maybe you should follow suit? There are bigger and brighter things for you out there, love. Sometimes you've gotta take a blind leap of faith.

Love you xoxo

The Prynce said...

Indiana Jones, woman. "No time for love, Dr. Jones!"

I'll get you those pictures ASAP. Just shut up. >:0

I'll be outta here soon enough.

-=The Prynce