Saturday, September 24, 2005

They Call Me Mecha-Godzilla, Bitch!

Just thought I'd let you all know that my water seems to be back to its regular color. Its now clear.

Check back in the next few days, too. I'm gonna have a really cool movie that I made up on here for downloading in the next couple of days. Its short and stupid, but I like it. Its a stop-motion movie, by the way.

Last night I went out to eat along with my parents, Shannon and Rian. We went to Sheff's in Pembroke, NC.
It was OK but I'm posting about the town. I love it.
Its almost wholly compromised of people of Native American descent and you can tell. There was a road named 'Dream Catcher', every car had a dream catcher on the rear view mirror, there were stores named things like "Mother Earth", and... Well... Mostly everyone looked like it.

Tatanka, the former WWE/WWF wrestler actually grew up and lived in Pembroke for a long time.
There is also a branch of The University of North Carolina (UNC) there.

We happened to pass by a park at about 9PM and there were people singing and playing instruments and things. That's sort of uncommon around here, lol. It was probably a church group, though.

I've been to the town before but not for some time. I've been on a few field trips to the university when I was in middle school.

But enough of that great town.

Speaking of UNC, they beat NC State today. Fuckin' aye! Its a pretty big rivalry in the Carolinas. Plus it was the first win for the Tar Heels this season.

So maybe I'll have my way with football in the coming days, too.

As always, I'm hoping The Panthers win and the Patriots lose. But on top of it all this week, the Patriots are playing the Steelers and, for those of you who don't know, they're fuckin' amazing. I think they're undefeated this season so far, unlike the Patriots.
The Steelers had an undefeated season last year, too. And they beat the Patriots last year. They were the last team to beat the Patriots before Carolina did last week.

But I have to end this entry now. I'll leave you with my worse wishes towards Tom Brady and the Patriots against the Steelers.

Lose, bitches!

-=The Prynce


The_Sphinx said...

Pembroke is a great town,my first true love was from there,her name was Angel and she was one. hell i think the only reason she gave me a chance was because she was blind,she was so awesome,but she passed away we went to lumberton to a store,she and her mom went in her dad and i waited in the car,some fuck was robbing it she got shot and died in my arms before the ambulance could even get there,horrible memory i still hae nightmares,I need to visit her grave,i havent been in a few months,i always leave ,roses she loved those,but she never wanted a dozen only one,so any way so i can stop crying ,i will change subjects.I hope the steelers beat the patriots down,the sttellers are my other team next to the panthers,so yeah i hope both win tommrow and once again i will get up early to watch it and go into work exhausted.Preston for 10 points what is tatankas' real name and what was he known as when he wrestled in the local indie wrestling federation here

Anonymous said...

Prynce I was just wondering were did you get the code from to put yahoo and aim on you blog. I dont need the code I was just wanting to know where you got it from.


Anonymous said...


Matt said...

Carolina lost (barely) and New England still licks farts and sniffs crotches to win. I think San Diego beat the Giants, which is cool and my new team (since St. Louis has severly disappointed me), the Colts, remain undefeated. Manning is the man; the big Manning, not the little one who's Kurt Warner's bitch. Anyway, those are just my nifty little observations and quirks. Come to the beach, we'll go to Kryptonite and hook you up with a decent skank - one with a little class, unlike some other sluts I know ;). Later guy.
(Bet that'll piss her off, especially if you actually show interest in coming)

The Prynce said...

Darrell -
Not to make too lightly of your situation from the past, but you should sell your story to Lifetime. They'd make a movie out of it. Just tell 'em you're a lesbian, though. They love women.
Seriously, though. Visit her grave. If you need someone to go with you, you know where I live.

And his real name is Chris Chavis. He and I have exchanged emails a few times in the past. Not sure what he was known as in the past, though. But I'm sure I read about it on his site a few months ago.

Shannon -
I stole it from Tickles. I mean, yeah, I stole it from his site, but as I see it, I was gonna get it from somewhere sometime so I figured I'd lift it from him. lol.

Matt -
Yeah I know about Carolina. I was fortunate enough to not see more than a few minutes of the first quarter, though.
A loss alone is bad enough but to lose to the Dolphins... Jesus. But they did upset the Patriots either last year or the year before so... ya. It'd be horrible if Carolina lost the rest of the season, but they beat The Patriots so it wouldn't be a total loss.
I really dislike New England. I think they're super-lame for winning against the Steelers. I nearly got off seeing Brady sacked so often.
Roethelinsburger(sp?) is the man.

My friend Darrell must be in the pits today. All 3 of his teams lost. Personally, I don't care much for the Titans, but the Panthers and Steelers lost. =(

HA! I bet Eli Manning got booed like a mofo in San Diego. Fucking cunt. He's probably worse than Tom Brady in my eyes.

I LOVE the Colts. Peyton 3:16, motha...

Did you people know that the Cincinatti doesn't suck cock this year? I'm like, WTF?!
I think Atlanta beat Buffalo which is cool.
The Eagles beat the Raiders which is also cool, though I like both teams. I gotta say though, I wish I could have seen the game. TO vs Randy Moss. Fuckin' aye!

I'm done with my football rants, though. Time to go watch the highlights and shit on NFL Network (DirecTV channel 212, bitches!).

-=The Prynce