Saturday, September 23, 2006

No One to Trust-- No One to Trust!

I'm tapped. I've had no sleep.

Thursday I got up pretty early to go to Barefoot Landing with Darrell and Kenny. And I bought a bitchin' ventriloquist dummy but more on that later.

But then I went to work and thought I was gonna die. I felt like shit and was tired as hell...
So I got off of work and went home and ate some Popsicles. Then I went ahead and took like a ten minute nap (which wasn't easy with Carol Burnett and Rainn Wilson on Meagan Mullally).
But after my super short nap I took like a half-shower which means I did all but wash my hair. Then I got ready all that I had to and just about right after I was done, Kenny and Mallory (the prettiest woman in all of Poly land) got there and we went out to eat and then to a movie, etc... Very fun day and all, really.
But back to the topic at hand, I got home around 5:30PM and went to bed but I can never go to sleep right away so I didn't until like 5:55 at which point my ex brought my son over (knowing that I can never get him that early on Fridays and she didn't even call) and I wasn't able to hang out with him at all which sucked a lot and hurt like hell because he was crying and pointing in my room.
At any rate, I finally got back to sleep and set my alarm for like 7:26PM so I could get in the shower but I hit snooze of course and ended up shutting my clock off making me oversleep an hour which means that I'd be no less than an hour late at my normal rate.

But after falling asleep in the shower, I biked like a bat out of hell to work in about 4 minutes.. Fuckin' aye! But I was still like 15 minutes late... Shit!

So now I'm sitting here doing shit online like surveys and this blog post to keep myself awake 'cause I'm about to be out. I'm like an unstable crack addict when I'm very sleep deprived.

I'm kinda proud of something... Mallory made Darrell and I leave the Sprint Store when she was in there today 'cause we were embarrassing her... Now to those of you who don't know Mallory, you don't get it... But if you do, you'll know what an accomplishment it is! So I was proud...
And I was about to go in with my dummy and Kenny intercepted me at the door so I gave in.
But people were laughing at Darrell and I in the parking lot... Playing with the dummy and all.

My dummy is the pooples. That's him in the picture all chilled and shit... He's smoking a cigarette and looking at a Crazy Horse thingy... He was kinda horny 'cause Cortney just breast fed him.
That's the lower half of the lovely Cortney you see beside him... Something about the plastic appendages does it for her apparently.

But Kenny is also in love with my dummy. He gets a little excited when he sings to him and pulls his hair while he's driving.
Kenny's a pervert and all around a bad person. I mean, really... Jeeze! lol.

Meat Loaf kicks ass.
The singer, I mean. Not the mushed up beef dish... Ewww...

Its kinda fucked up but since I've been living alone and single, I've been seeming to attract more and more hotties and its kinda freaking me out. It kinda sucks when everyone things I'm fucking every person that I either talk to or that shows interest in me but other than that it just kinda tweaks me a bit...
Plus I'm only fuckin' some of them. I'm not a whore. Jesus! lol

Yeah, so, I'm sitting here eating a big bowl of Ramen noodles, drinking a Faygo cola, and taking Mini-Thins like they were Tic-Tacs. I'm feeling delightfully (or something) like a typical single guy living alone.

What the hell is with this new Blogger Beta bit? I finally got the offer to convert my account and I did but I have no clue what it is. I mean, it seems a bit different but does anyone have details on the differences 'under the hood' or involving features?

And while I'm asking questions, does anyone know if PGP is still available in a free home version? Brotha's gotta encrypt shit...

Yeah and I'm so bringing back my old website only it's at ThePrynce.Net this time and I'm starting from scratch.
So if anyone has some tips on what I should do with the hacking/Internet underground and security sections let me know. I've been off the scene for a few years and shit's changed.

George Jones is kinda tits.

I made another silly stop-motion movie a few days ago. I'll post a link to it when I get it online. But to see my other movies online, click here to see them on YouTube (where I have been granted a director's account for Tee Hee Dumbass Productoins)... My two other stop motions aren't on there just now but I'll get 'em up there soon.

Ha! Its raining out and I biked to work. How fuckin' lovely?

My boss is fuckin' HOT! But most of you already know that...

Ok well I'm drawing a blank now on things to talk about to keep me awake so I'm gonna end this post and hope the Mini-Thins kick in soon...

Bye, bitches.

-=The Prynce


Mama Mia said...

the dummy -> thats hott.

The Prynce said...

Yeah no shit.

Who's this, though?

-=The Prynce

Mama Mia said...

O and those videos... the shit

Anonymous said... said brenna was fucking hot. there's so many things not right with that statement....


The Prynce said...

Well she WAS hot. This blog's over a year old. lol.

-=The Prynce