Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ya 'Gon Git It

I feel nice.

I got up early today and got ready and my parents and I went to Dixie Stampede. They're in town until Sunday.
It was cool, though. More fun than I expected. And my son went with us which was tits.

I have a ton of energy but I looked in the mirror and I look totally pale like I should be sick. I've hardly eaten lately 'cause I've simply had no appetite so that'd be why I feel like I'm so pale but I feel kinda great lately.

I sorta love the t-shirt I'm wearing now. I bought it along with a Tool shirt and a wrist band that has Peter Griffin in a Che Guevara get-up. But its a John Lennon shirt with his face superimposed on the American flag and a peace sign in the blue field in place of the stars with "LENNON" at the bottom and "Give Peace a Chance" on the back. Maybe its who and what it all represents that gets me off so but I really am loving this shirt.

On a similar topic, I gotta do laundry. Or show up to work in my Bruce Lee boxers (which I'm also wearing. They're cooler than three types of hell, too).

I keep forgetting that I almost dwarf a lot of people until I go in public. Or I'm around old people.

My ventriloquist dummy says "Hello"...

Ha! That makes me think of Emo Phillips when he said "My brother says 'hello'... So... Hoorayy for speech therapy..."

Speaking of quotes, Shakespeare said something that just recently hit me as fucking amazing. "Above all things, to thine own self be true."
If you aren't true to your self and you're not being yourself and you compromise your true self for any reason you're begging for disaster and you'll get it. Don't try to be something or someone you aren't to impress someone 'cause odds are you'd impress them anyway.

If you trailer trash, be trailer trash. There's other trailer trash out there that'll be up for you as your true-to-form trailer trash self. And there may be someone else who's into trailer trash and you could be in to what-ever it is that they are but you want to make them think that you aren't trailer trash though them thinking that was what originally made them want you and when you pretend to be something else, they loose interest and will be a bit jaded with you for being fake which is worse than trailer trash.
Now I'm not saying be a piece of shit and be proud of it but if you are a piece of shit then be a piece of shit. No need to flaunt it, just be it.

So now that I've told everyone to be trash (or something like that... I'm sure someone out there will take it like that), I'm gonna go do some stuff before I get off of work so... Ya know... Bye, bitches. I'll likely post tomorrow. Check back...

-=The Prynce


Mama Mia said...

Hey kid, read my LJ

Anonymous said...

so..are you saying i should be trailer trash or something? lol. your blog was all about some trash now. .....

especially if it involves you. my favorite person ever.