Monday, January 29, 2007

Let the Sun Shine In.

So... Turns out the Eastern world is explodin'.

Anywho, so I got a tattoo today (Or yesterday, I suppose... It was 1/28). Its just my symbol. Its on the lower portion or my left upper-arm. Its just black outlined and black filled in over most of it with it fading to flesh tone at the top. I kinda like it as it is but I'm really thinking about getting it faded to green instead of my flesh color... That'd be fucking tits.
But, yeah. I had it done at Pitbull Tattoo Clinic ( Give 'em a go if you want.

So tomorrow/today is the long-awaited ghost hunt at the Old Charleston Jail. I'm sort of excited, I must say... It's gonna be kinda cool. And apparently we're also going to be 'sharing' the building with two other ghost hunters (or 'paranormal investigators' if you truly are that pretencious) which should be fine unless our styles clash too horribly.

But, yeah. We're hoping to do much touring of the city on Tuesday, also. I'm personally hoping for a trip to Fort Sumter 'cause its been forever for me. I miss that place.

Look for pictures and audio and shite from that trip soon, of course. Hopefully they'll be fruitful.

Ermmm... Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to mention it but Rob now has a blog. It's at and the one post he has so far is... Interesting. Its worth the read and he says he may have another one coming tomorrow so... Ya know... Check that shit.

Alright well I'm sort of drawing a blank at the moment so I'm gonna be jettin'.

But before I go, I'm going to leave you all with a link to a 14 second piece of video I shot tonight. I was playing with my phone and a guy that was almost certainly on coke of something comes in and he's all crazy acting and I happened to catch this one moment of him so hyped up that he seems to MoonWalk multiple times... Very funny if you ask me...
So that being said, be sure you go to THIS link... Its fucking crazy funny, foos.

Check back, people.

-=The Prynce

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Katie said...

lol yep that guy was definately on something..Congrads on the new tattoo =)