Friday, April 13, 2007

Love is a flower; You've got to let it grow

No clue what'll wind up in this post... I'm just gonna type until I don't have any time to type more, really.

I recently saw Chairmen of the Board for like the third time and it was as great as ever. I even had some hot young thing standing right up on me right before the person I was with wanted to go to the second level. Kinda gravy.

But speaking of concerts... I've probably been to no less then three including that one that I haven't posted about.

A few weeks back, I won two tickets to Lonestar under a Kenny's name on the radio. The seats were OK but I managed to correctly guess the home province of a Canadian radio DJ on location (Darrell and I even got to have a bit of a banter live on the air) which was Manitoba... That managed to win us front row tickets.
I was shocked at how much I dug the show. It was at the Palace theater which I haven't been to in forever and I had a few Heineken and a hot dog loaded with mustard which will make anything pretty good, but really... The show was pretty nice. We even talked a roadie into giving us the guitar picks the guitarist left on stage. HA!

A while before that I got to see Everclear at the House of Blues... Nice. The like... four opening bands were pretty bad, honestly. I felt miserable and almost wanted to go home until Everclear came on and kicked a little ass.
So... Yeah. I actually have some videos up on my YouTube page of bits of the show including Art Alexakis berating a stage-diver. It was great.

I also got a car in the past like... two months. I just kinda didn't think to post it. Whoooops!

The other day, Rob was giving me a ride home from work 'cause the previously mentioned car is in the shop, and as we rounded out near Springmaid Resort, we both kinda saw something in the median of the road. I didn't say anything as I pretty much knew it as a dead bird and we were talking about something.
But as I noticed it, I saw the car drift over and into the median a bit at which point we were just a few feet away from the bird in said median. Rob suddenly exclaimed in a fit of laughter, "IT'S A DEAD BIRD!" followed by a hyper-excited and patented 'Rob Laugh'.
As he was finally finishing up his reaction which of course, caused much laughter to spill from my own face, he said that he could "Totally reenact it" if I wanted to take pictures/video (which pretty much confirms the theory that Rob will do ANYTHING as long as it is in some way recorded visually for posterity).
It was only about a 3 minute ride from there to my house and the entire time I'm questioning the humor in a dead bird until we get to my community and there's a living bird in the middle of the road. He speeds towards it and it flies off as he almost reenacts the whole thing only this time saying "Did you see it poop?!" (which he apparently now claims was a joke).
Just seconds later, we spotted a pug dog walking on the sidewalk near a sharp curve which is not un-common but apparently, the crack in his system made that funny also.
I basically told him to run it over so he could laugh at the dead puppy and he was like "...That's not funny". His logic being that puppies are bigger than birds and 'take longer to go away.' We then had a quick discussion about the souls of birds versus dogs which really reminded me of the "Filthy Animal" bit from Pulp Fiction.

That's pretty much the whole story. If you don't know Rob, you may not find it funny. So... Fuck you. And go away.

The worse thing about being a human is shaving. I fucking hate it. Given, I get off lucky because I'm Scottish so my facial hair isn't very thick or dark so I don't have to shave often.

I also recently decided that Easter was best called "Zombie Jesus Day" only to find that someone else already came up with it! What the fuck, yo?!

I was gonna totally get on the topic of wrestling but I think that'd make this post a wee-bit too long to read so I think this is a nice place to stop, no? I'm not out of time, though. Just running short on it...

Be good, bitches.

-=The Prynce


Katie said...

Congrads on the car!

You SHOULD DEFINATELY get tickets to see TOOL in Greenville..That show's gonna kick soo much ass!

Hehe I'll be there =)


Marcie said...

well diggity, you got a car?
you never tell me anything

The Prynce said...

Miss Katherine - I love Tool... But I would never go all the way to Greenville to see anyone... At all.
Okie, I'm sure there's some really big exception some place but it escapes me.

If they ever make it closer than Winston-Salem or Greenville, though, I'm there.

Have fun though and lemme know how it is!

Marcie - Yeah I kinda neglected to tell anyone. I don't like to talk about myself too much... That's why my blog posts are typically about what other people I'm around do and stuff about me is in shorter snippets.

-=The Prynce

Anonymous said...

so maybe next time you can go with the hot young thing that was hanging on you at chairman of the board instead of me. i mean, i totally would have left you there to hang out with should have TOLD me. i would have never dragged you upstairs! i mean, geez. and it's not so bad mentioning that you were with me at both shows but i guess that would let people know we actually hang out...gasp! ur such a complete jerk sometimes.

Katie said...

Aww come on, Greenville is only like 2-3 hours away...You wouldn't even go there for Tool??!! I mean gah, that's probably the closest they will EVER get to here!!

Man, APC isn't together anymore..That sucks =(

Anonymous said...

Wow you managed to piss her off.......Does carrisa need one of my nerve pills? Lmao

Anonymous said...

yes, please tell jessi, i do in fact need one of her "nerve" pills. one, or like,a bottle. if she has any left. what's her damage? besides the obvious...
geez. u'd think i sit here and waste my time making fun of all the stupid shit she writes...oh wait...guess i just did. pfft.