Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Draft Peter Sellers

What I'd like to have right now is for all of you fat, out of shape, Internet idiots to keep the noise down while I take off my inhibitions and give you a good look at the sexiest blog to ever exist with the title 'Eve of Destruction'.

Heh, just wanted to start this blog off on a Rude note.

I watched a really bizarre movie for the second time recently... Its one of those movies that leaves an impression on you that is impossible to explain, really. Its just a "You'll just have to see it" type thing.
But the movie was Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb and... Wow. It is truly one strange thing to see. Given, it's a Kubrick film so it is somewhat understood that it is going to have something of a interesting feel to it. But this movie constantly blows my mind.
Its a mostly comedic/satirical movie about nuclear holocaust set off by a crazed general who thinks that the fluoridation of water is a Communist conspiracy to "sap and impurify" the bodily fluids of Americans.

Simply said, fucking watch it if you ever have a chance. It took me months to find a copy to watch and it was worth it.

Chris Leak wasn't drafted in the NFL draft in a classic "What the fuck?!" moment. The local college, Coastal Carolina, had their quarterback (Tyler Thigpen) drafted in the 7th round. Not to say he didn't deserve it but... He didn't lead his team to a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!
Everyone's like "Eh, its because Leak's only 5'11" and he can't cut it in the NFL." to which I say "Fuck you!"
Most defensive players in the NFL would have a hard time getting a hand on someone so small and fast. I mean, Michael Vick is fast as hell but he's what... 6'5"?
To me Chris Leak is like Michael Vick but more accurate and harder to get a hand on...

I dunno. I complain.

I had lots of things to post about but none of them are coming to mind so... I find myself ending this blog with nothing at all being stated that was worth half a nickel. Sorry. =(

-=The Prynce


Anonymous said...

So uh...what was this about again? Sorry, I fell asleep reading it.
LOL. Kidding. No, really I am.
Do you have a copy of this movie I can steal? I'd like to check it out.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I like the new Plath quote you added. Nice choice! It's sorta yuppie-like too, just what I like! LOL.