Monday, June 04, 2007

The Axe Murderer

I've got a lot of stuff I want to post about but I'll get to that another time.

Right now I want to just talk about the UFC fight last week between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and "Iceman" Chuck Liddell.

I didn't get to see the fight due to the retarded traffic situation in Myrtle Beach (that's a whole other post though) and I'm kind of glad. I have no clue who I would have pulled for, really.

I've always liked Chuck Liddell and I always thought he was probably the top fighter in the UFC. I mean, there are few people he has fought in which I didn't pull for him.

"Rampage" Jackson is another thing entirely. I've never been a big fan but I've never denied that he may be one of the best three fighters in the world.

Jackson beat Liddell a few years ago due to Liddell's corner stopping the fight due to the punishment he was taking and I honestly did believe that this was the time for it to happen again.
The only thing, of course, is that I prefer Liddell as a fighter over Jackson.

But alas, Liddell now has 4 losses in MMA and this is the only one he's not been able to avenge.
Jackson just may be too much for anyone in the Light-Heavyweight division of UFC...

My actual favorite fighter in the UFC has been beaten only five times in MMA and may not be in the top three fighters in UFC, but he's in the top five for sure. That would be "The Pit Bull" Andrei Arlovski. I don't know how to explain why I like him. You'd just have to see him, really. But he's just got a style all to himself. Its really great.

He's a former Heavyweight champion in UFC after making Tim Sylvia tap in under a minute. He lost two rematches... The first he lost after Sylvia hit him with an ILLEGAL punch to the throat. It wasn't seen by the referee and was counted as a TKO.
In the second, he lost when it went the distance and then to the cards.
But hey... He's a knock-out fighter. His matches should not even go the distance of I think his odds of losing are much higher. And I must say he seems a bit too cautious in his last few fights. (Not to mention Sylvia tested positive for steroids in one of his fights prior to this one.)

But he's young. He's only like 28.

My favorite fighter all together right now though is "The Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva.
His last two fights were a loss for him but it doesn't matter. He's still fucking incredible.
And yeah, he's lost to that cock sucker Tito Ortiz but... So? He's beat Guy Mezger back in 2000 when he was amazingly good and he's beat Quinton "Rampage" Jackson twice.

But that's about all for my MMA post so... Yeah. Rejoice.

Just remember that Wanderlei Silva is Jesus and Jesus is Wanderlei Silva...

-=The Prynce


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