Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"I ain't takin' no piece of bologna to no steak house"

I recently had to move. It was a bit sudden and pissed me off a bit but in the end, I'm just like 'what-ever'.
So now I'm living with Carissa, Mallory, Sam and Sam's mother. I have to say its a MUCH better arrangement. Its a temporary thing until I can afford a deposit on a new apartment. It shouldn't take too long I hope.
But, yeah. Its not a terrible arrangement. Due to my work schedule, I'm there alone most of the time and my sleep is uninterupted.
We don't have cable which sucks. But I AM able to syphon off a neighbor's WiFi so... That's a positive.

I went jet-skiing on the waterway with Darrell and Carissa a few weeks back. We got to go for free due to an arrangement we made with the guy. It was GREAT! I'll post a link and more information on them in another post (or perhaps an update to this post) so... yeah. Get up with those people.

UFW is having a wrestling show later this month in Myrtle Beach at the NASCAR Grille. ( Looks like we're gonna be paying $50 for ringside seats and a chance to meet the wrestlers beforehand. I've met some of them before but the main reason I'm up for paying that much is due to LAX with Konnan being scheduled to appear... Those guys are awesome.
There are others that may be there that will be great to meet but... Konnan is my main target. I've always thought he was among the best on a mic and in the ring. And now it looks like his US career is running down...

I got to work tonight to relieve Rob. He drew my attention to the floor at which point I realized it was littered with icky white stuff. Turns out that the floor was covered in his peeling skin. He recently got sunburn and when it heals (for those of you who don't know), it typically peels.
As gross as it was, it honestly made me think of GoldMember. Bet he ate half of it...

The title of this post was inspired by a guest who checked in last night. This morning he was telling me about his ex-wife trying to rip him off for a disability settlement he won. Then he said she asked if she could come with him down here from Virginia and he said he told her, "I ain't takin' no piece of bologna to no steak house" which she didn't understand... If you don't get it I will not explain but... It is a priceless statement. Ha!

Anywho, gotta jet. More coming soon. I promise.

-=The Prynce

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Anonymous said...

So why haven't I posted thus far on this blog? I guess it makes no difference anyway but I will just add to this and enhance it's charm with my witty comment. You know you love it. I'm glad you like living with us. VERY glad in fact. I was a bit worried that you might hate it but it seems to be working out quite nicely. You are welcome to stay as long as you want and pay me with sexual favors. ;) I joke. We now have cable so really, what more could you ask for? As for the uninterrupted sleep...well, it's sorta hard seeing how we share a room with it fOO. Jet-skiing was great amts of fun and we do, in fact, need to go again very soon. Before it gets too cold. Cause THAT will happen. Anyway, I'm ignoring work so I'll leave you with this...xoxoxoxo
Be good. And know that I'm thinking about you:)